Speaking Up

Do me a favor; pop over to Laurie Halse Anderson’s website and read the article you find there. No, really–do it.

* * * * *

You read it, right?


This is about how I felt at the time. . .

I became very irritated when I discovered that information a few minutes ago and felt that I simply had to share my two cents with the world.

First of all, I am no “moderate” Christian. I am not one of those who casually decides which parts of the Bible I want to believe and which I don’t. The driving purpose of my life is to know, love, and follow Christ. No wishy-washiness about it. Obviously, I am not for kids reading smutty literature. And secondly, I am not a big fan of Speak, which you know if you’ve been following along (You’re my favorite!).

However, I am thoroughly annoyed with this guy from Missouri who claims to be a Christian and who wants Speak banned. You know, that’s my Savior he’s representing and I’d rather he not sully His name by throwing around false accusations like confetti. I would not be surprised if he had actually not ever read the book and simply heard from someone else who didn’t like it.

I have read Speak, and I can testify that it is not at all, in any possible way pornographic. It’s just not.

And really, shouldn’t it be the parents who decide what their children should and should not be reading?


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